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:: Friday, June 21, 2002 ::

Not much, did the factory. Though I was doing the map making quest, and I missed one square and hard to go all the way back, even though I right before the boss.

In other news, does anyone know a good Persona for Nate? They all seem to suck. >_<
:: Brandi Swenson 2:50 PM [+] ::

:: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 ::
Just goofing around in the game right now. Trying to mutate some of my Persona. Finally got Maia Custom, very nice. Also fooling around trying out some new Persona.

I was in that boss battle with the cop guy, I forget his name. And while in that battle Katsuya became very low in health and Otohime came out and casted a spell on Katsuya. I would assume this is the unknown power mutation, that every one has talked about but few have seen. It was pretty neat to see.

Also beat the 100km Hag, that was pretty funny. I liked if you tried to talk to here, then under her name came up hasty.

Also been messing around in Mu Continent. Played some Bingo, I hit the jackpot once. ^___^ That rocked!
:: Brandi Swenson 3:40 AM [+] ::

:: Monday, June 17, 2002 ::
Whoooo! I bet Joker Genji in one try! I'm so happy. Last time I could not even come close to beating him. And this time I whooped his ass! I just tidal waved him to death.

The Smile Mall was a pain in the ass to map though. Took me forever, but now I have 999 free tarot and of some other cards also.
:: Brandi Swenson 5:02 PM [+] ::

Spent a very long time in the science lab. I wanted to complete the map for the map quest. So I had to level up so I could make a contract with Rasputin.

Then I had to get all new Persona for the boss fight. He whooped my ass the first time. Second time, battle wasn't so bad but almost all my party members ended up with the furious status. Though I think being furious helped since I did more damage.

Now I have to do the Smile Mall, which is the part I was stuck at before. This time I must make it. I must!
:: Brandi Swenson 1:05 AM [+] ::

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