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Persona 2: Eternal Punishment game log.
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:: Saturday, June 15, 2002 ::

I assigned Kimnara to Ulala and it mutated and learned Hama.

Otohime mutated again, then again awakening some unknown ability, and again learning soothing Melody. Very very nice ^___^

Hel mutated again.

I am having much better luck with the game this time. I'm rocking the boat with the mutations.

Though I still hate that god damned sewer. I hate being timed so much. I tend to talk a lot of time doing things (that is why I like rpgs you can spend time thinking about what you are going to do), so I keep getting washed back in the sewer.

Yes, I took Nate's route. I really liked Nate in the first Persona, so I choose his route. This is the same route I took last time.

I also found and beat Tek Tek, he was easy, but oh so cute.
:: Brandi Swenson 1:50 PM [+] ::

Doing the first & second area of the bomb shelter.

Assigned Otohime to Katsuya and it mutated twice.

I also got the Yuiga Dokuson Card. ^__^ That was an unexpected fight.

Spread the rumor about Jack Frost having Atomic Bafula too.
:: Brandi Swenson 1:29 AM [+] ::

:: Friday, June 14, 2002 ::
Shit Hel just mutated again!
:: Brandi Swenson 2:03 AM [+] ::
I assigned the Hel persona to Baofu and it mutated. ^___^ yea!
:: Brandi Swenson 2:00 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, June 13, 2002 ::
Baofu's persona Odysseus mutated, very cool! ^___^

I love the fact you have to get the key for the gym off of some guy in the girls locker room stealing panties.

Still running around not doing much. I Now have 19 Dia cards though. I also have a load of tarot cards too.

Angel: Have Katsuya and Maya talk in a team, it will make it happy. The Angel with give you Dia cards.

Ixtab: Have Katsuya talk to it to make it interested. It gives 20 death cards. It likes to drop Sliver Manisha.

Kimnara: Have Maya talk to the demon to have it interested. If it askes the question about collection, it almost always like the answer cards. It will give you 20 star cards.

Minotaur: Have Maya to the demon to make it interested. If it askes for you to ask it any questions favorite food will almost always make it happy. It will give you 20 chariot cards.

Nekomata: Have Katsuya and Maya talk to it in a team, that will make it happy. The item it gives is Gala-Gala drinks.

Tengu: Have Katsuya and Maya talk in a team, that will make it happy. It will not sign a contract till you are level 16. He will give you and antidote.

Faust: Have Katsuya talk to it. He will become interested. It will give 30 magician cards.

Writh: Have Baofu talk to it. It will become interested. It will give 16 devil cards.
:: Brandi Swenson 8:50 PM [+] ::

At the part in the Gold Gym. You know what is funny? There is a Gold Gym not far from where I live. I always think about that when I play the game. It would be cool if I could go there and see Ulala.

I still remember from last time the Ulala Joker. She was pretty freaky looking. I even drew a picture of it. Though it just started out as Ulala and turned into Joker Ulala. To bad my scanner isn't working.
:: Brandi Swenson 5:45 PM [+] ::

:: Wednesday, June 12, 2002 ::
Filled up the shrine on the mountain before the Sanitarium. Have no clue what it will do but hey why not?

I have a load of free tarot. It is a lot easier to get things time around since I now know you can have multiple people talk to the demons at once. First time I played I didn't know that until sometime in the game. Doh! >_<;

Beat that hell hound boss thingy without much trouble. Much easier this time. I was better prepared. One water and two fire affity people. Ulala and Katsuya took very little damage. Maya dealt all the damage.

Been putting all my points for leveling up in vitality. Maya has like 180 hit points now, when everyone else has like 80. ^_^
:: Brandi Swenson 2:07 PM [+] ::

I love the Bag head Joker. Maybe if I get to go to Otakon I'll dress up like the bag head Joker. That would be the shit. I have the bag, and I got a good coat for it, I would just need a tan turtle neck. That would be cool.

Haven't gotten to far in the game, but I got Baofu now. I also did the rumor for the Rose something or other to have amour. Has anyone play though the game without that rumor? That has to be hard. Stocked up on healing items, new weapons, and armor. I don't want to have to restart my game again.
:: Brandi Swenson 4:11 AM [+] ::

Well, I restarted my game. I was stuck at the Smile Mall (?) and could not get past the boss there. So a nice fresh new game, it's been a while so maybe it's best anyway. I really want to finish this game, so hopefully this time I will. ^__^

Spent about and hour just wondering around the school in the begining. Leveling up, ranking up my persona, and collecting tarot cards is fun!
:: Brandi Swenson 1:52 AM [+] ::

Bored thought I would start a Persona game log.
:: Brandi Swenson 1:30 AM [+] ::

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