• The website must be an Anime/Manga/Video game Girl page.
    Like an anime such as Utena, Rayearth, Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yugi, or even Bubble Gum Crisis. On the other hand, it could focus on
    a female character in a like Lina Inverse (The Slayers),
    Yuna (Final Fantasy X, X-2), or Ai (Video Girl Ai).
  • Your page must be done, there has to be content when I
    look at it. What I mean by content, is more then just a few
    facts and pictures, I am looking for fairly in-depth sites.
  • You do not need the put the whole ring fragment one your
    site. But you must have Prev., the ring home, and next.
  • No, hentai/Adult websites. Yes, you can have a yuri, or
    an anime girls gallery as long as it is tastefully done. I will
    personally look and see if it tasteful.
  • Any site promoting hate of anything kind will not be
    allowed into the ring.
  • You should download the image for the web ring and upload
    it to your own server.
  • You must have the code in your website when I cheeck it.
    Not just there, but also inputed correctly.
  • Your site will have a better chance of being let into the
    ring if:
    1. You have a very unusual page.
    2. You have a page with lots of yummy content.
    3. Your page is nice looking (I am not looking
      for God's gift to the web, but a nice clean
      layout that is not cluttered, or offensive
      to the eyes).

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