We offer several kinds of turtles to buy, though we only sell them through the store. No live animal should be shipped in creates. So, if you are interested please stop by our store.
Ornate box turtle

Ornate Box Turtles
These guys hail from North America but are very hard to take care of. Only for the pros!

Three-Toed Box Turtles

The common box turtle. These do best when keept in an outside pen with lots of planets and damp moss.

Flower-Back Turtles
Imported from China and Vietnam, these turtles live on forest floors. These turtles must be keept moist at all times!

Travancore Tortoises
From tropical forests this tortoises like it hot, 78-86°F in fact. They like to sit in shallow pools and eat fruit.
These are only some of the turtles and tortoises we carry, please come to our store to see more.