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   Monday, February 09, 2004  
Sorry, I was a dope this week. I'll be better behaved next week. I love all of you. ::Hugs::
   posted by Brandi at 12:13 AM

   Monday, February 02, 2004  
Oooh yeah. Getting our dork on, again. It honestly felt like it had been years since we have played. I so happy that we got to play.

The day started out with a dork run to Gamer's Realm. It felt like I spent a small fortune while there, but I happy with everything that I purchased. The Epic Level Handbook, a new dice set with a set of matching d6s, a small cthulhu plushie and the Book of Exhaulted Deeds for Wayne. Cthulhu is the best.

The game was a little slow starting, but it was fun. I'm looking forward to heading to hell. Yay!
   posted by Jessica at 7:50 PM

   Sunday, February 01, 2004  
Oh, what's that sound? Why, it's the sound of us playing D&D. Oh, yeah baby. I'm so happy, though I think Brett and Wayne are going to drive John nuts.
   posted by Brandi at 8:02 PM

   Monday, December 01, 2003  
Bwahahahahaha! Ha! Sorry, I got to the blog first! :dances jig:

The game was a lot of fun this week. Crazy shit happened and we might have had a slow start, but it was a lot of fun. Besides, confusing the DM is always great! ::evil cackle:: :cough cough cough: Didn't mean it that way. :smiles innocently:

I just want to say that after last week, this week we really stuck together and managed to take on a HILL GIANT! without too much difficulty. It was a really good plan.

As a note, John if you start getting really evil, I will kill you.

   posted by Jessica at 11:54 AM

   Thursday, November 27, 2003  
Does anyone else think John's picture looks like Darth Vader with his helmet off?

Just curious.
   posted by Wayne at 12:36 PM  
A Little Tramp In The Woods

The woods are dark,
And sometimes scary.
Among the trees.
There's something hairy.
Lots of teeth,
And dripping goo,
Look out, look out,
It's after YOU!

Running fast,
It's getting closer
Get out the way,
You bloody poser!
Dive for cover!
Wait for me!
Hang on a sec,
It's just Stephanie!!!!!!!!!!!

What a fine week we had in the woods, Goblins running hither and yon, giant owls carrying off our party members. (I said "party members", not "party's members!) Ancient ruins full of very little and players who are determined to complicate things as much as possible. People, sometimes a wall is just a wall. The door might be around the corner, not some fantastically hidden contrivance designed to give even the most experienced of elves eye strain! And, yes, lets climb the outside of this very tall tower, instead of just walking up the stairs inside and cutting through the giant owls nest blocking the path! Wow, way to make life more difficult for yourselves. THAT'S MY JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Favourite "quote" (paraphrased)

Brett "It's only a boar, you take care of it"
Karen "I've got it"
John "I'm dead, again"

You guys make my funny bone vibrate, only a boar, HA!

I have just one last thing to say, ladies, Dong Quai, it works, really.

   posted by Wayne at 12:34 PM

   Tuesday, November 25, 2003  
Ok, What a suprise...I'm going to be the first one to attack the blog this week.

This week some interesting things happened...including some great quips from the great Brandini of Doom....including

Goblin: "It's Coming, It's coming"
Brett: "Is It me?"
Brandi: "Yes Brett, You were taking a really big shit"

Oh yeah Fun times. We all need to lay of the spazticness tho. I know 1/2 of us are female and we have our moments of...pissyness...but we all need to chill when the guys are involved and it's D&D tyme. Cause it's a sacred time of the week you know. So if we have madd outside issues let's leave em' outside. I know i've been bad with the dragging stuff up during game time too...but lets really try not to get all crazy anymore... okay?

   posted by Karen Lyn at 2:02 AM

   Wednesday, November 19, 2003  
Oh Yes, Oh Yes the Bathroom Emergency!
Thanks for posting that little ditty for all of us to remember!

Even though I was only a part of the party for a few minutes I'd just like to say That I'm having tons of fun already! I missed u guys sooo much!

This game has already started out quite interestingly...of course with Jeans little run in with the fearful dwarf and all...yes yes definatley an eppy of Oz!

Actually it all reminds me of this one episode of Buffy where....NOT! Hahaha I had you going there didn't I! Hehehe I can be silly too.

So Yes, yes all around good fun. Hopefull when It's time for installment #2 I won't be as...indisposed!

   posted by Karen Lyn at 1:09 AM


This is about Dorkness! This is about being the one true dork. This about a DM who has the same voice for every NPC. This is about players who threaten to throw giant D20's at people. This about us playing Dungeons and Dragons!

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