Battle Skipper 101
Battle Skipper is an Anime about five girls who go to St. Ignacio's School for girls. (Nothing like Catholic schools in Japanese Anime.) Three freshmen Saori, Shihoko, and Kanami are new to school. And like all good Japanese students they want to join a school club. The Debutante Club is the club to get in if they want to be any one in the school or in the outside world. But the girls find the mysterious Etiquette club interesting. They join the Etiquette club and that is were the fun starts; fighting crime, sexy guys, and women who will stop at nothing to take over the world. As is turns out the secret of the Etiquette club is they are really Exstars a team of crime fighter who use advanced mecha called Battle Skippers to fight.
I enjoyed this silly anime very much. It really isn't much more then an add for toys, as seen with the commercials they show before each episode, but there is a lot of fun about it. It is definitely nothing to take to seriously but some fun fluff to watch.
Influenced by...
As I watched the series over again, I can't help but notice that this anime had been influenced by many other anime. Here is some of the influences I think this show had.
Bubble Gum Crisis
It isn't just the plot that is very similar but the police cars in both have some similarities.
SD Gundam
I can't help but think the Battle Skippers look like SD Gundams. All kinda squished looking, with little stubby arms.
The merging mechs in episode two really reminds me of the sequence in Voltron when the loins join together.
Sailor Moon (Magical Girls Shows)
School girls fighting crime in silly outfits, and transformation sequences, need I say more.
Tape/DVD info.
There are four Battle Skipper tapes in all. The first three are one episode each. The fourth is all three episodes on one tape. As far as I know the tapes only come in an English dub. Which isn't to bad, as it was done pretty well. The DVD, I do not know much about but it has all three episodes on it, and should hopefully have the Japanese track on it.
Is there any more?
If you are wondering if are there more then 3 dubbed tapes of Battle Skipper, there are not. I E-mailed U.S. Manga Corps and they stated "At the present time there are no further volumes of Battle Skipper planned for release." Which I don't know if that means they don't plan putting out any more Battle Skipper or that there is only three episodes? Who knows? (Companies always like to give vague answers.)
There is a set of four comics. I do not know much about them, but you can order them from CPM manga.
Liked Battle Skipper and looking for some more anime? Here are a few suggestions from me.
Debutante Detective Corps.
It is a really silly and short OVA, where the Debutante club in this school must solve a mystery. Girls, actions, and goofiness.
Bubble Gum Crisis
A team of women in highly advanced armor suits, fight against Gemone Heavy Industries. Sound a little familiar? This is some old school anime and is very good but much more serious then Battle Skipper.
Magical Girls Shows (ex. Sailor Moon and Wedding Peach)
If you like girls who fight crime in silly outfits, have transformation sequences, and yell out attacks? Then the genre of Magical Girls is for you.
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